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Curious, reflective and open-hearted. In this place we want to show ourselves vulnerable and thus live in connection with ourselves, each other and nature..


Who we are?What is coliving?
Who is Moom?

This is us

Mindful with each other

The only assumption we make is that you will do your best. Nonviolent communication is put into practice. You are allowed to be brave, to be seen and heard with everything that makes you you. We celebrate each other. We practise giving space to unpleasant feelings and then letting them go again. This is how we can develop further.

Country life

Far from the stimuli and distractions of the city, country life offers a focus on community. The peace and nature that surround us allow for introspection, connecting with yourself and what is there. Without making an immediate long-term commitment, you can explore country living for yourself through our coliving.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”

― Brené Brown ―

behind the scenes

Concious Coliving

A coliving space consists of three or more people (not relatives or similar) who consciously decide to live together. You can live there permanently or rent it for a short time without obligation. Unlike a hostel or a shared flat, the focus of Concious Coliving is on connection. Shared structures, spaces and rituals as well as a mindful togetherness allow you to feel a sense of belonging. In this way, Concious Coliving opens the way to an enriching and fulfilling life.

what we offer

What you can expect


We welcome you and hold a save space for your personal and professional development. Especially in turbulent phases of life, we can learn from each other and with each other.

Plug in and Play

We provide you with a furnished room and take care of the shopping. In this way, you can easily experience community in the countryside and curiously let new impulses take effect.

Community Infrastructure

We eat together once a day (everyone cooks), meet once a week for a community meeting and a cleaning party. This creates regular moments for exchange, meeting, communication and rituals for working together. 

Sustainability & beyond

Beyond sustainability, we want to help the earth to regenerate, to leave it healthier than we found it. You can experience this with us, for example, by making bread and oat milk, by shopping unpacked or composting.

What drives us

Our Vision

We live in a world that is characterised by division. This is the breeding ground for global crises such as climate change, loneliness or housing shortages. That’s why we want to create a place where connection can be experienced. In this place you feel safe and you feel a sense of belonging. You experience mindful communication, shared growth and a sustainable everyday life.

Get to know us

The hosting team


  • Founder Coliving Hamburg 2015
  • Founder Alsenhof Coliving 2020
  • Founder moom Coliving 2022
  • Videoproducer
  • Visionary


  • Founder moom Coliving
  • Change Agent
  • Coaching
  • Travelist
  • Initiator
  • Energy Artist


  • Coliving Host Alsenhof 2022
  • Founder moom Coliving 2022
  • Permaculture Enthusiast
  • Kitchen Ferry
  • Psychological & Systemic Coach (in training)

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