Are you looking for an inspiring place to live and work in community in the countryside? MOOM is your mindful coliving space near Hamburg!

Unsere Community beim Essen

Imagine your day looks like this: a round of yoga in the morning or a cosy coffee in the garden, then a few hours of concentrated work until one of the other guests announces: “Dinner is ready! You sit down at the table, enjoy the vegetarian-vegan meal and talk about your day with the others. Afterwards, you have a few more hours to work until it’s time to call it a day. And then? Maybe an evening walk across the dyke, a community meeting or a nerd talk about the future of artificial intelligence. In the evening, you fall into bed, tired but happy – in your own room with a workplace and a view of nature.

As you can see, the MOOM Space offers you lots of possibilities. It’s a place for community, for a break from the city, for trying things out, networking and finding inspiration. And it’s right in the middle of the countryside, between dyke and meadow. You can come for a week or for several months. Either way, we look forward to seeing you!

Your benefits

What’s special about coliving with us

Eine Frau arbeitet in einem Coworking Space


Sharing knowledge, spurring each other on, celebrating successes together: at coworking you can use the advantages of the community to develop professionally. Here you’ll always find a sympathetic ear and plenty of support – for example, when you’re looking for a new career.

Eine Gruppe von Frauen unterhält sich


With coliving, you don’t just see other people in little tiles on the screen, but share your everyday life with them – in real life. Especially valuable if you are a solo self-employed person and want more contact and exchange.

Ein Junge bewegt sich auf eine Gruppe von Hühern zu

Country life

Far away from the city, country life lets you find peace: fewer stimuli, more focus on the essentials. In our pretty village you can get to know country life without obligation and enjoy many animal neighbours.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.”

― Brené Brown ―


[ˈkoʊˌlɪvɪŋ] Noun, (n)

A coliving space consists of three or more people (not related) who consciously decide to live together. You can live there permanently or rent it for a short time without obligation. Conscious Coliving – as we call it at MOOM – is different from a hostel or a shared flat. Our focus is on connection, on shared structures, spaces and rituals as well as mindful togetherness. This opens the way to an even more fulfilling life.

what we do

What awaits you at Coliving


We welcome you and open the space for your personal and professional development. Especially in turbulent phases of life, we can learn from each other and with each other.

Plug in and Play

We provide you with a furnished room and take care of the shopping. This way you can easily experience community in the countryside and let new impulses take effect.


We eat together once a day (everyone takes turns to cook), meet once a week for a community meeting and a cleaning party. This creates regular moments for exchange, fun and quality time.

Sustainability & beyond

A sustainable lifestyle is important to us. What does that mean in everyday life? For example, that we make our own bread and oat milk, buy unpackaged and compost waste. We want to help the earth regenerate and leave it healthier than we found it.

What drives us

Our Vision

We live in a world that is characterised by separation – between people, but also between people and nature. This separation is the breeding ground for global crises such as climate change, loneliness in big cities and the increasing scarcity of resources. That is why we want to create a place where connection can be experienced. A place where people feel safe and belong. A place for mindful communication, inner growth and a sustainable everyday life. Will you join us?


Frequently asked questions about Coliving

What distinguishes coliving from other forms of housing?

Coliving is a communal living concept that differs in several ways from other approaches such as shared flats or hostels. Coliving has a stronger focus on community, on consciously living together with other people and supporting each other. Unlike most shared flats, you can rent into a coliving place more flexibly and stay for just a few weeks or months, for example. There is usually a shared coworking space and other common areas such as a kitchen or living room.

Is Coliving limited in time?

Not necessarily. Mostly people live in a coliving space for a few weeks or months, but depending on the location, there is also the option to stay long-term. Here at MOOM, for example, we are also looking for permanent team members.

Who is Coliving right for?

Coliving can be suitable for a variety of people. There are digital nomads, for example: People who work independently of location benefit from the flexibility that coliving places bring and the opportunity to connect quickly. Creatives and entrepreneurs like the exchange of ideas and the variety of perspectives found in coliving. And single parents or families enjoy the communal childcare options and contact with other parents.

What are the advantages of coliving?

We can think of many! For example, flexibility: Coliving Spaces make it easy for residents to arrive – whether for a few weeks or months, or even longer. Perfect for travellers, digital nomads and anyone who is only temporarily in one place. Sustainability: By sharing living space, energy or equipment, residents can conserve resources. And last but not least, network & community: In a coliving space, people with different professions and perspectives come together and form a temporary community. In coliving, you can easily make contacts and develop professionally and personally.

Do you still have questions about coliving?

Learn more about communal living and working in the countryside in a personal call.